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This Week In PPC – 3rd April

PPC is a fast moving discipline. To remain up to date, it is crucial to keep up with announcements, webinars, blog posts and new features, tools and techniques. It is advisable to do this on a weekly, if not daily basis.

To save you some time and help you stay up to date we have introduced the new following feature: This Week In Paid Search. In this feature we will be looking back at the last 7 days providing a little digest as well as the links to all the key news in Paid Search and Paid Social Advertising

AdWords: Ads & Analytics Announcements Live Stream

Google announced their newest product update sharing new Ads, Analytics and DoubleClick innovations. The 1hr live stream will take place on Tuesday, May 23, 16:00

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Bing: Monthly Budgets Will Migrate This April

Bing will migrate all monthly budgets to daily budgets by the 30th of April. This is the case for all Bing Ads entry points an all markets. Bing advises, should you not yet have made the switch, to do so before the forced switch.

Find out how to and further information here

Google AdWords: More Store Visit Data for Paid Search

The tracking of offline conversions is a key request of many advertisers using Google AdWords. The good news is that, according to Inside AdWords, Google has worked hard on their machine learning techniques as well as new mapping initiatives improving location geometry which will improve the accuracy of store visit conversions and open it up to more advertisers. The bad news being that the basic requirements for store visit tracking has not changed. This means that this tool unfortunately still remains out of reach for single location retailers.

Find out more about store visit tracking and if you might be eligible

Analytics: Might There Be Data Treasures In Your Analytics Account

Jacob Baadsgaard challenges you in his blog post on Search Engine Land to take a closer look at your analytics data. This post once again proves that setting up conversion tracking is, while crucial, only half the battle. Without keeping your conversion tracking up to date and without reviewing attribution modelling, important opportunities can be missed. Jacob runs you through a variety of interesting cases in which easily overlooked data lead unexpected campaign improvements, giving you pointers and encouraging you to delve deeper into your data.

Find out more about potentially hidden data in your Analytics Account

Conversion Rate Opimisation: 11 CRO opportunities

While a well optimised PPC campaign is important. The cheapest and best paid search traffic is useless if your site is not set up to convert. To help you make sure your ads and/or landing pages are not sabotaging yourself by ignoring your conversion rates, Search Engine Land is providing you with 11 on and off site CRO tools.

Find out how you can optimise your site

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