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It’s time to stop procrastinating. While expanded text ads have been out for quite some time now, having been introduced on the 26th of July 2016, it appears many advertisers out there have been delaying the switch-over to the new ad format.

While most large scale businesses and agencies have made the switch to extended ads very early, small and medium businesses in particular appear to using standard ads extensively, as one still sees standard ad popping up regularly in search results.

However, the time for procrastinating will officially be over soon, as Google’s will stop supporting standard ads on the 31st of this month.

What does this deadline mean for you?

While you won’t have to fear that your standard text ads will suddenly stop running on the 1st of February, this deadline will mean that you won’t be able to edit or create any standard ads going forward.

This means it’s high time to get ready, if you want to keep your ads up to date or want to conduct A/B-testing on your ads (which you should, if you are not yet doing it).

What is new?

Ad Description: Extended ads combine the old description line 1 and description line 2 into one longer ad body. The description character limit increased from 70 (2 times 35 characters) to 80 characters overall.

Headline(s): Google introduces a secondary headline and increases the character limit for each headline to 30 characters.

URL: From now on the domain for your display url will be extracted automatically from the final url. You will still be able to modify the destination url. The new ads format utilised two separate so called “path” fields.

More Characters: Overall the new expanded ads have 42% more characters to play with. So time to get creative!

standard to extended ads

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